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Made to Measure

At Pappos Shoes we pride ourselves on using the traditional methods of the bespoke handmade shoemaker and combining them with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to produce a unique and tailored pair of shoes that are specifically adapted to suit your orthopaedic needs whilst disguising them within an aesthetically pleasing and fashionable pair of shoes.

Specialist Footwear

We also offer specialist footwear for diabetics with specially adapted lining. Every part of the procedure is carried out in house at our workshop and most importantly we offer the best prices available.

Personal Requirements

We are able to adapt, adjust or alter almost any kind of footwear to your personal requirements. Including footwear raises, rocker soles, sockets, sole and heel wedge and float, zip replacement, repairs to surgical footwear, velcro straps etc.

The Perfect Fit

To achieve the perfect fit and to ensure the maximum contact between the sole of the foot and the shoe, we create a mould of your foot by using a foam box to make a foot impression (this process can be done by post).

Made to Measure

Every pair of boots and shoes on this website has been individually and specifically made-to-measure for clients who are unable to wear off-the-shelf footwear because of a wide variety of foot problems.